Who am I? Why am I here?

“I don’t care much about music.  What I like is sounds.” 

Dizzy Gillespie

I love all kinds of sounds.  My extensive music collection reflects that.  Jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, opera, Serbian, country, and everything else you can imagine–I have it all!  Missy Elliot and Motorhead, Madonna and Miles Davis, Maria Callas and the MC5.  This blog will go along for the ride as I document every single piece of recorded music I own: when I discovered it, who I was when I listened to it, what obsesses me still. 

Music has always been an extremely important part of my life.  I got my first record player when I was 5 years old, and I mostly played my mother’s old 45s: Elvis, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly.  These were the artistswho formed my early music awareness.  Being Serbian, I also loved to play the Serbian records my mother bought in the old country when she was there in 1968.  Serbs always need music around them, and I definitely have to have a soundtrack to everything I do.  This blog is a celebration of that.

My MA thesis in history focused on the role rock and roll played in shaping racial attitudes of young people in the 1950s and 1960s in Cleveland.  Researching and writing that project changed me in such a profound way.  I really understand more about the way music (and the arts in general) influences society, and vice versa.  One of the questions I asked everyone I interviewed was, “Why did this music appeal to you?”  And without fail, every person answered the same, no matter their race or religion or age or in what part of town they lived: Because it made you feel good.  You could relate to it.  It was our music.  That is powerful shit.  Listening to that music as a child who knew nothing of the world from which it grew, all I knew is that it made me feel good. 


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