“The One”, Foo Fighters

So this is one of my favorite Foo songs, and that is quite a distinction.  There is no Foo song I do not love and would not be happy to have on repeat for the rest of my life.  But “The One” is definitely in my Top 10.

It was one the Orange County soundtrack.  My friend Cherish and I went to see the movie, and I loved it.  She was still a teenager at the time, probably 18 years old, but wise beyond her years; that’s a huge part of why we were (and still are) friends, though I was a decade her senior.  When the movie was over she turned to me and said that it annoyed her that so many people her age were going to see it and not really get it.  I agreed.  It’s a great movie, great performances—Jack Black was the shit!—really funny, but thought-provoking as well.  But what Cherish was concerned about, and I believe this is true for a lot of funny movies that have a deeper message, was that people would just laugh at it and miss that it’s really about their lives and the things they value and the choices they make.  The main character (Colin Hanks, who is so much like his father it’s like you’re watching a 20-year-old Tom Hanks!) really wants to be a writer and go to Stanford for college because his favorite writer is a professor there, but his girlfriend is not going with him and he is afraid that they will have to break up.  Long story short, his guidance counselor mistakenly sends Stanford a crappy student’s transcripts instead of his flawless records and he is rejected.  He decides to explain the mistake in person, and drives to the school with his girlfriend and crazy brother (Jack Black, at his most Jack Blackiest!), and hilarity ensues.  He meets his favorite writer who changes his perspective on things.  His wealthy father finally donates a shit ton of money to Stanford and he gets in, but then decides to stay in Orange County and to pursue his writing career there.  He had felt that he needed to leave home in order to experience life and write The Great American Novel, but he realized he had plenty to say from where he was.


There is a lot of great stuff in the story of the movie, and “The One” is a great song to go along with that.  It’s played in a scene where Jack Black and Colin Hanks are driving to Stanford.  The song is about how you put all of your energy into one person, and how everything in your life revolves around them, good or bad, and your mood can change based on how they treat you. 


Everyone makes one mistake
One more time for old time’s sake
One more time before the feeling fades

One that’s born of memories
One more bruise you gave to me
One more test just how much can I take

Because you’re not the one but you’re the only one
Who can make me feel like this
You’re not the one but you’re the only one
Who can make me feel like shit


We all have at least one person in our lives who has been The One.  I have had about a dozen, friends, lovers, and would-be lovers.  I’m not sure if I have ever been “someone else’s one,” but if I have been, I apologize.  The One really does make you feel like shit.  But you get so fucking caught up in that drama, and it can be quite intoxicating!  But it will ultimately destroy you, and The One who created all that will be long gone and probably laughing and having fun.  So fuck it. 


When this became one of my fave Foo raves my Foo obsession was in its third year.  I had been a coffee shop manager for a couple of years, and I was either just about to get fired or I had just been fired.  I had also just experienced some major drama and trauma because of my most recent One, a guy I had worked with at said coffee shop.  All of that was quite fresh, and I was not dealing with it well.  Losing my job was the icing on that bitter cake of which I could not stop taking large pieces.  So I really understood the movie in its message about pinning all your hopes on one idea of who you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to do to be a writer or a good student or whatever.  As a writer I have always thought that the more drama you had, the better for your craft.  Well, yes and no.  As long as you can get some perspective on what you experience it can definitely be beneficial as an artist.  But if your drama overtakes you, if it is the reason you get up in the morning instead of your writing, then the drama has defeated you and you are not an artist.  You can pull yourself out of that shit, but drama can be very enticing.  Drama will lick its pouty lips at you, give you an irresistable come hither wink, and run its insatiable fingers up your thigh.  Who could resist?


But you must.  Drama can be The One who makes you feel like shit. 


Something never meant to be
Everything you meant to me
Wake me when this punishment is done


Stop it! 


Thankfully, my relationship with my husband, the exceptionally talented, sexy, and brilliant David Eric Grohl, has not been filled with drama.  I am not his One, nor is he mine, at least not in the way the song describes.  I am desperately, eternally in love with him.  Nothing will ever change that.  He is the only man for me.  And he never makes me feel like shit.  In fact, whenever I listen to his music, it is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  My face is no longer tightened, and my world suddenly has meaning. 


The video for “The One” is hilarious, of course.  My husband is just amazing and funny and just delicious in the video, which at once parodies Fame and mimics scenes from Orange County.  I bought the CD single as soon as it was released and played it as much as humanly possible.  “Win or Lose,” the other song on the CD, is also great.  It’s very catchy, and my husband makes me swoon with every word he sings just for me

“The One” is kick ass from the first chord.  Dave’s voice is killer, as always.  Taylor’s drumming?  Holy fucking shit.  Genius.  Everything works here, all the pieces are in perfect order.  It’s a great example of why Foo Fighters rock.  They can do no wrong in my eyes.  When Dave screams his balls off at the end of the song—shit!—yeah, that makes me moist.


And isn’t that what rock and roll is supposed to be about?

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