“Travelling Riverside Blues”, Led Zeppelin

I mean…

This was my first favorite Led Zeppelin song.  I never had any proper Zeppelin albums, but it was not on one of them anyway.  I first heard it on the 1990 boxed set.  At the time I did not know of the original Robert Johnson version, though I was a huge blues fan.  I did hear the song a year or so later when I bought the Robert Johnson boxed set, but they are completely different in both lyrics and music.  The Zeppelin version is more of a tribute to Johnson, borrowing the title and various lines from his songs, including “Traveling Riverside Blues.”  Zeppelin does an incredible job with their recording, and Robert Plant’s vocals far out-sexy Johnson’s.


Squeeze my lemon ’til the juice runs down my leg
Squeeze it so hard, I’ll fall right out of bed
Squeeze my lemon, ’til the juice runs down my leg


These lyrics are in the original recording, and they are provocative no matter who sings them.  But the way Plant fucks your eardrums when he sings them is just too much to handle!  But handle them I would, over and over, while I played the song my senior year in high school.  At the time I was in love with this boy who paid no attention to me, but I thought about him a lot while this song was on.  It was just so sexy and dirty, and I wanted him to write a song like this about me.  Not that I studied evil all the time, you see, but I did want to squeeze his lemon ‘til the juice ran down his leg.  I figured that might get him to notice me.  But it was not to be.  Sigh.


Hey, she promises, she’s my rider
I wanna tell you, she’s my rider
I know you’re mine, she’s my rider
She ain’t but sixteen, but she’s my rider


She ain’t but 16, but she sure can ride him like a porn star!  I knew a girl like this in high school.  She was what I imagine Samantha from Sex and the City was like as a teenager, only trashy.  This girl was pretty cool, but she was kind of a skank.  She sat with us at lunch, I think it was during senior year, and she told us all her sex stories.  I don’t think anyone questioned whether she was telling the truth or not.  I’m pretty sure she was ridin’ a lot of dudes back then.  I kind of wanted to be like that, but I was saving myself for the boy who paid no attention to me.  I lived through this girl’s sex life.  I talked about sex a lot, even though I was a virgin.  I was always making dirty jokes and double entendres.  But I knew nothing from personal experience.


Blues music is filled with double entendres and innuendoes, and the way Zeppelin reimagines it in this song is simply stunning.  There’s just something about the way British boys sing them blues that makes me moist!  I’m always going to get all hot and bothered by Robert Plant’s voice.  I don’t know why so many British bands of the 1960s were obsessed with blues music, but I’m sure glad they were.  This is some hot, hot shit.      


Oh, but the way that you squeeze it girl
I swear I’m gonna fall right out of bed

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