Happy 1st birthday, What I Like Is Sounds!

Happy birthday What I Like Is Sounds

Happy birthday to What I Like Is Sounds!  Today is my music blog’s first birthday, and I could not be more excited.  It has been a great 12 months of music and writing, and I look forward to many more.


The original purpose of this blog was to start writing essays that would eventually be turned into a book manuscript.  I also have seen it as a way to simply get myself writing regularly again.  Since finishing my MA in History in 2010 I have been working 6 or 7 days a week most weeks, so that leaves little time or energy to write.  I am just trying to pay my bills and keep the lights on, but that’s no way to live.  I have always wanted to be a writer, and I finally realized that I have to write in order to make that happen.  In June of 2012 I got viral conjunctivitis (the dreaded pink eye!) and missed almost two weeks of work.  Financially, this was quite a burden, but I took it as an opportunity to start this blog.  I had had the idea for a music blog for a few years, but never had the time and felt that I had to do things a certain way for it to work.  I finally realized what bullshit it is to feel that way—it’s my fucking blog, and I can design it, write it, and promote it any way I want!  As with many things in life, I often get caught up in thinking that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything, but with art that just does not exist. 


I had written most of the early posts at least ten years earlier, so I used that pink eye vacation to transcribe those essays from paper into Word documents so my blog would have a solid foundation from day one.  I didn’t want this blog to start slowly; I wanted to hit the ground running!  I knew that this blog was going to be a sort of musical autobiography, and there are elements of memoir in every post.  Some posts are more about the song or the album and the times in which they were created, some are more about my experience of the music or simply what it reminds me of.  They all fit into my life story in some way.


My first blog, DanaPronouncedDonna, has no clear vision.  It’s a collection of essays about spirituality, music, food, LGBT issues, body image, and other randomness.  There are some really good posts.  But I didn’t keep up with it, I think because of the lack of specific purpose.  It still gets viewed and new subscribers, but nothing like What I Like Is Sounds.


What I Like Is Sounds is exactly what I have wanted to write for many years.  I tried writing more commercially viable manuscripts, and though they are still in my mind as future projects they are not what I am passionate about right now.  I have struggled with writer’s block as has every writer in history.  Even when I don’t know what to write about for What I Like Is Sounds, I make myself sit down in front of the computer and write.  Often this results in extra-long posts that are filled with energy and analysis and self-revelation.  I don’t love everything I have written here, but the point has always been to just write.  I am a proponent of Jack Kerouac’s “first thought, best thought” philosophy of writing.  I have never been one for writing outlines or proposals, and I really hate revising.  Not that I don’t go back and read the post a few times before publishing to make sure there are no errors, but I don’t change the integrity of what I first wrote.  With What I Like Is Sounds I strive to capture how I feel, when I feel it; in every case, I have been instantly transported to a certain time in my life as soon as I hear the first note.  That’s what I want to share with my readers.  Music is the ultimate art, and it can change your life when you least expect it. 


Here are some fun statistics about the first year of What I Like Is Sounds!


What I Like Is Sounds has reached 143 countries, including the Isle of Man, Kazakhstan, Réunion, the Palestinian Territory, Lichtenstein, New Caledonia, and Guernsey.  This amazes me.  Thank you, interwebs!  The Top 10 What I Like Is Sounds countries are:

  • USA
  • UK
  • France
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Netherlands


What I Like Is Sounds has been viewed nearly 36,000 times!  I am so grateful that my writing has been read and shared by so many people.  It’s been fascinating to see which of my posts get the most attention, and it’s not always the ones I expect.  The Top 10 posts are:

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