“Do Me!” Bell Biv DeVoe

Bell Biv Devoe

I really hated most music in 1990.  It was crap.  Once in a while there would be a song I liked, but I was still listening to oldies and 80s stuff.  Bell Biv DeVoe were nothing special to me, even though I liked New Edition.  They only had a couple popular songs, “Do Me!” and “Poison,” and I kinda liked them both, despite my better judgment.  I thought they were kind of sexy.  But I would never have bought that shit back in 1990.  During my senior year of high school I was heavily into Led Zeppelin and the older rock and roll I grew up on.  I still liked the 80s stuff I was into as a kid.  I just wasn’t ready to accept anything recorded after 1989.


I bought a used Bell Biv Devoe cassette years later, late 90s or early 2000s.  Not sure why.  I guess I was ready to admit I liked their two halfway decent songs. 


The video is a total early 90s cheesefest, and that’s what makes it awesome.  I have read that the song is considered one of the sexiest of all time.  Hmm.  Not.  It’s fun sexy, but not really sexy.  I guess in 1990 it was considered sexy.  Just telling someone to do me is hot, but this song is just silly with that shit. 


You can do me in the morning

(We’re gonna trim up in heat all the way)

(I love you, baby)

You can do me in the night

(9 to 5, baby)

You can do me when you wanna do me

(Mmm, oh oh oh, and just sweat all night)

You can do me in the morning

(That’s the way I like to do it, oh yeah)

You can do me in the night

(Rub you all over with some hot oil)

You can do me when you wanna do me

(And just watch your body shine)


I mean, really?  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love someone to do me right now!  I’m sitting here in grey yoga pants and a tank top, pretty much covered in sweat from the heat wave we have had for the past week, and my breath smells like an Italian grandmother’s kitchen.  Oh, and I haven’t shaved my legs for a week.  So if anyone wanted to do me in this condition, I’d gladly accept! 


My point is, when artists try so hard to be sexy, it’s just not.  And since this song came out in 1990, that makes it extra ridiculous on the sexy front.  Nothing sexy came out of 1990.  But it is a fun song to sing along with, because it has a funky beat and you can do inappropriate choreography while singing these hilarious lyrics:


The time was 6 o’clock

On the Swatch watch

No time to chill

Got a date

Can’t be late, hey

The girl is gonna do me

Move to the Jacuzzi

Ooh yeah, that booty

Smack it up

Flip it

Rub it down

Oh no!


I am ready to embrace the cheese of my high school years.  Yes, the 80s were also cheesy and I have always loved all things from the 80s.  But the 90s just annoyed the shit out of me.  When I attended my 20th high school reunion in 2011 they played lots of 90s music I hated in the 90s, but suddenly every one of those songs was my jam!  I fucking hated high school, so maybe that’s why I never liked the music from that time.  But now, I can listen to it and laugh.  It doesn’t have to change the world to be enjoyable.  

Who misses early 1990s fashion?

Who misses early 1990s fashion?

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