“Let’s Spend the Night Together”, The Rolling Stones

Let's Spend the Night Together

I wear my heart on my sleeve, and sometimes my other body parts are dangling out there as well.  I am a pretty blunt person, and that coupled with my effusive emotions often makes people uncomfortable.  It has never been my intention to upset, scare, or worry anyone; rather, I am just a person who needs to be honest 100% of the time and who reveals a lot of personal shit in pursuit of that honesty.   


“Let’s Spend the Night Together” is a very, very honest song. 


Don’t hang me up and don’t let me down
We could have fun just groovin’ around, around, and around
Oh my, my 

Let’s spend the night together
Now I need you more than ever
Let’s spend the night together 


Let me break that down for you in case it’s too subtle. 


Hey, girl, don’t give me blue balls—not cool!

We could just hook up and fuck each other like animals

and I think you’d really dig it, yeah?


You should totally come over—or we could do it at your place

or in the handicap stall in the bar’s bathroom, whichever—

because I could really use some NSA poon right about now.

Do I make you horny, baby?


When I was a kid listening to this record, I couldn’t understand all the lyrics but I knew what they meant.  I didn’t quite analyze them as I just did above, but they were clearly about sex.  Mick Jagger tried to convince a reporter that the lyrics aren’t sexual, explaining that if people take them that way then they’re the ones with the dirty minds!  “I always say, ‘Let’s spend the night together’ to any young lady I’m taking out,” he said at the time.  “Actually the song isn’t very rude.”  Mick claimed that he had “covered up” the rude bits.  Um, okay.


Don’t you worry ’bout what’s on your mind
I’m in no hurry I can take my time
I’m going red and my tongue’s getting tied
I’m off my head and my mouth’s getting dry
I’m high, but I try, try, try


Now, we can take these lyrics a few different ways, but all of those ways are sexual.  The parts about his tongue getting tied and his mouth getting dry were some of the words I couldn’t decipher when I was a kid, but when I read them now I’m like Oooooohhh!  Yeah, so they could mean that he’s finally talking to the girl he’s been interested in and is so nervous that he cannot speak.  But since I am a big old horndog, I read them as he’s going to town on her lady bits and just cannot please her!  So I’m going with that interpretation.


I’m not going to be like Ed Sullivan and censor myself here.  I’m going to use the real words to describe my situation.     

This song speaks to me right now.  In the past I was very adventurous, as one of my friends gently put it.  I had a lot of fun for many years and was not ashamed.  Then I dropped out of the club scene and stopped all that scandalous behavior.  For the most part I look back fondly at those days of wine, penis, and song.  But I do remember why I stopped.  It is those very reasons that prevent me from going back to that life.  At the same time, however, I often miss that feeling of freedom, of just doing whatever the hell I want to and enjoying all the flavors life has to offer.  I know that I have an addictive personality, that I am an attention whore—and just a plain old whore!—and that I get caught up in the moment sometimes.  That’s pretty awesome, but eventually it takes over your life and that “freedom” becomes the thing that holds you back from doing what you should do in life.  I am a Taurus, so I really like order and security.  The life I led in my younger years had nothing to do with order and security.  But it was a lot more fun.


That said, am I a born again virgin or a repressed whore?  I have been both, and I may keep transitioning between the two forever.  What’s next?  Should I just find a Mick Jagger to spend the night with?  Or should I hold out for true love?  Now that I am officially at cougar age, I kind of think the whole love thing isn’t for me.  I mean, I’ve pursued guys in the past who were just not available or not good enough for me or gay or all three rolled into one hot mess of a man.  A few years ago, after I’d been sober for a good amount of time, I accepted that I am just not meant to be part of a couple.  Not that I think I am unworthy of someone’s love and affection, and not that I think someone would judge me for my past or simply not find me attractive.  There are still some issues I’m dealing with (including some I didn’t realize until recently that I had not already dealt with), and there is still a lot for me to accomplish in life.  Quite honestly, I get distracted by dick.  I have too much to do to let myself get all fucked up again over some hot piece of ass.  I’m not sure I know how to keep the crazy under control when it comes to cock.


You know I’m smiling baby 
You need some guiding baby
I’m just deciding baby, now
I need you more than ever
Let’s spend the night together
Let’s spend the night together now 


I have had some conversations lately with people about this topic.  Some of the people I’ve spoken to know me well, some are kind of getting to know me.  I get accused of being negative when I’m really just being realistic.  I truly am a happier person than I ever was!  Not that everything is exactly as I want it, but you don’t need that to be happy.  There are things I know I can do to get where I need to be, but I have so little time to focus on those things because I work so much.  Sometimes I am told that that is an excuse.  No.  It’s a reason.  I am always honest with myself about my situation.


Do I need a reason to want to spend the night with someone, to just wipe away the cobwebs and get a good old rogering?  Should I feel like I have moved past that phase, or is it A-OK to want a good time and nothing more?  I am definitely conflicted about that.    


This doesn’t happen to me every day
Let’s spend the night together
No excuses offered anyway
Let’s spend the night together
I’ll satisfy your every need
And now I know you will satisfy me 


I’m flawed, and that’s okay.  Everybody has had bad shit happen to them.  You can move on from it.  Maybe I still judge myself, so I feel like I don’t deserve pleasure.  I was quite the hedonist back in the day, so I’ve had lots of pleasure in my life.  Hmm. 


Maybe I’ll get me some again someday.  But right now, I’m not offering any excuses for preferring to have Mick and Keith satisfy my every need.  I look forward to many, many more nights spent together with them.  

2 thoughts on ““Let’s Spend the Night Together”, The Rolling Stones

  1. I have had four long-term relationships in my life, and their break-ups caused me to be miserable about two years each time afterward, since I am loyal like a dog and easily hurt. That’s eight years out of 43 spent being miserable because of people I invested myself in that had lesser morals/loyalty/honesty/integrity than me! I have chosen to be single and drama-free for the indeterminate future. And I’m happy with that, because I write every night and spend my time with my dog, who loves me unconditionally.


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