“Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”, Spin Doctors

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong

Nobody’s ever said it to my face, but I’m sure plenty of people have said that it’s “been a whole lot easier since the bitch is gone” when I’ve left someplace.  And I’m cool with that.  I don’t want people to think I’m an annoying bitch, but if they do, oh well.


This is a super catchy song about a bitch who’s never wrong.  I was in college when it came out, and it was fucking everywhere.  At the time I had little interest in contemporary music, but I actually liked this song and “Two Princes.”  I think I even bought Pocket Full of Kryptonite, but I’d have to dig through my cassette tape archives to know for sure.


One of my favorite lyrics:


You cook so well

All nice and French

You do your brain surgery too, mama

With your monkey wrench


Huh?  What the hell does that even mean?  How stoned do you have to be to figure out that shit? 

Oh, and the video is a glorious wedge of 1992 cheese.  Pseudo-hippy trippiness is fused with early 90s fashion as Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong her bad self sports a sleeveless red dress, black bike shorts, and cowboy boots.  (I can’t help but think that if this video were made today that her giant fake titties would be hanging out and she’d probably have a whip or some shit.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  But it’s interesting to think about how different things were in videos in 1992 as far as the way strong women were portrayed.)  She’s exercising her right to be a bitch by waving a paint brush and then stirring some paint, and then throwing paint on the lead singer’s back.    


And what’s with the Spin Doctors?  Why are all the white guys wearing white t-shirts and jeans, while the black dude is dressed in all black?


This video makes no sense, but it was the 90s.  Nothing made any fucking sense.   


Anyway, I’m one of those bitches who’s never wrong.    

2 thoughts on ““Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”, Spin Doctors

  1. There’s a two-word term I ran into a few times in the 1980’s where the second word is wrench, describing women’s ability to change men’s minds. But the first word was decidedly not monkey. Perhaps they were thinking about that and replacing the word vaginal was a way to make the song playable on TV and radio.


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