“She’s a Woman”, The Beatles

She's a Woman

This was written by Paul, and it sounds like a Little Richard song.  I think when I was little I may have thought it was a cover.  It’s fantastic, and it’s one of my favorite Beatles songs.


The opening guitar solo is brilliant and ahead of its time.  Everything about this song is groundbreaking.  It’s super catchy but sounds unlike all the other stuff that was on the charts at the time.


It’s a love song about the perfect woman.  She knows exactly how to handle her business—and his. 


She’s a woman who understands

She’s a woman who loves her man

My love don’t give me presents

I know that she’s no peasant

Only ever has to give me

Love forever and forever

My love don’t give me presents


Just love him, don’t be triflin’, and be happy he’s around.  That’s really all men want.  The Beatles articulate that simple message to women so beautifully in this song. 


There are plenty of women like that out there, and sometimes they even meet a man who appreciates them.  Sometimes they don’t, and that’s a shame because if you can find someone who cares about you, treats you well, and is proud to be with you, why the hell would you ever fuck that up?


Listen to Paul, assholes.  Take care of your lady and she’ll take care of you.

2 thoughts on ““She’s a Woman”, The Beatles

  1. You saw McCartney twice this week? How the hell does that even happen? Good song, BTW. It’s a song that tends to get lost in the shuffle. As to the lyrics, not to be the bearer of mixed news, but the Beatles sometimes say one thing, do another. Back in the Liverpool days, the girls knew just to sit there and be quiet when the guys spoke music. Although in fairness, I think they evolved over time from that attitude. In that way, they mirrored their generation. BTW, have you ever heard Jeff Beck’s version of this? (Hope you don’t mind my adding tunes) .

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