“Svadba, Svadba”, Ansambl Svilen Konac

Yes, we get to wear crowns in our wedding ceremonies!

Yes, we get to wear crowns in our wedding ceremonies!

I’ll never have my own big fat Serbian wedding, but I love to attend the big fat Serbian weddings of others!  We have the best music, the best dances, the best food, the hottest men, and the most beautiful women, so of course, we have the most fun weddings you can imagine.  

“Svadba, Svadba” is a very popular wedding song.  As we are a simple people, the title means “wedding, wedding.”  It’s one of those songs you can dance to for a really long time, you know, when the band does the remix version.  Serbs dance the kolo, where a million people hold hands and dance in the shape of a winding, expanding circle until it often envelops the entire room.  It’s really great cardio, and nobody with a heart condition should participate.  And it doesn’t even matter if you don’t do the steps correctly as long as you keep the line moving.  I do the same basic steps to every kolo, and I am as uncoordinated as they come yet I am able to keep up.


This video shows a typical kolo at a wedding, but “Svadba, Svadba” is not playing. 

You don’t have to have a clue about what they’re singing.  The music is so much fun, and the rhythm will get stuck in your soul for days to come.  If you ever get invited to a Serbian wedding, make sure you prepare yourself by not eating for a few days first (we tend to serve sides of meat with our meat)—and bring your dancing shoes!  

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