“Play”, Jennifer Lopez

JLo Play 2

I have really been going through it emotionally lately, and though I had planned on writing about The Black Keys’ Turn Blue because that’s been my jam for the past week, I had to admit to myself that I’m too fucking drained to do that.  I have realized that Turn Blue is my breakup album, so I need to be more emotionally prepared to write about it. 


Enter JLo. 

“Play” was my main jam back in early 2002.  I was a manager at a mall coffee shop, and I hated it.  I was still fucked up over the guy I had been seeing the year before; he worked there as well, and we had to work together for seven months after we broke up, until he was transferred to our new store and fired about a month later thanks to his crazy girlfriend.  I ended up getting fired a few months later, which sucked but at least I had the time to attend bartending school, something I had been wanting to do for a while.  I used to listen to “Play” on repeat the whole ride to and from school every day. 


It’s a fucking great party song!  Perfect for driving around or getting ready to go out and have a scandalous night, or for just hanging out at home and gettin’ yo drank on! 


Could wait all night and day
To go to a party
Sit down and wait
Give my request to the DJ
‘Cause my song he’s gotta play

And when I hear that beat
I get my body up out my seat
I grab a guy and move my feet
He’s playin’ my song

I’d get all gangsta during the part towards the end when she is callin’ out the DJ for ignoring her three requests: Play my motherfuckin’ song! I would shout with JLo, waving my hand threateningly at the imaginary DJ as I drove. 


I just wanna dance

Is that a crime?


Naw, gurl, that shit ain’t no crime!  All that hotness ain’t no crime, neither. 


I’m not sure how I wound up owning four JLo albums.  I had no idea there were four in my collection until I moved into my first apartment and was organizing my CDs.  I was shocked, and maybe a bit embarrassed.  I’ve since learned to embrace the fact that not all music has to change the world in profound ways.  It’s perfectly acceptable to love a song just for the beat.  And what’s so wrong with singing along to meaningless lyrics while you’re having fun?  The lyrics here aren’t as ridiculous as some other dance songs, but still, they’re not great poetry. But who cares?  Forget the drama and all your responsibilities.  Just shake ya azz and enjoy that song, bitchez!


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