“Pistol Grip Pump”, Rage Against the Machine


This is my song of the week.  I’m not going to get into any of the political messages or any sort of analysis of the original recording by Volume 10.  I have been exceedingly fucking frustrated for the past few weeks, mostly in regards to my work situation which has been extremely chaotic, unprofessional, and childish lately.  I just feel like fucking shit up—instead, I have been reorganizing stuff at work to try to restore the little bit of sanity I had before the current dramas unfolded. 


So I need an outlet, like Michael Bolton in Office Space

I knew the RATM version of “Pistol Grip Pump” before I ever heard of Volume 10, though I knew it was a remake.  I was never into gangsta rap, and am really opposed to promoting guns and violence in any way.  But holy fucking shit, Rage’s version of this song is so much harder than the original, so fucking on point, that it makes me shout along with Zack as he extols the virtues of ridin’ dirty. 


Seriously, though, I am not a gun advocate by any means whatsoever.  I just want to feel a little gangsta sometimes.    


I had The Battle of Los Angeles on repeat in my car for most of the week, but have been playing all the Rage albums I have at home and on the road just to get myself pumped up to go to work at these jobs I hate and am better than.  “Pistol Grip Pump,” however, really is the one that makes me feel like I can get through it all.  If I can just channel my rage into Rage records, all will be well.

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