“Start Me Up”, The Rolling Stones

Start Me Up

The opening riff is legendary.  You know exactly who this is right away.  That’s the power of The Rolling Stones.


So the song is about stamina, perseverance, keeping it up.  However you want to take it.  And don’t be a cock tease!  Don’t start it if you don’t want Mick to finish it. 


If you start me up
If you start me up, I’ll never stop
If you start me up
If you start me up, I’ll never stop
I’ve been running hot
You got me ticking, gonna blow my top


“Start Me Up” is one of the greatest of the Stones’ later years.  It was released in 1981 when they were long-established as the greatest touring band in the world, and has been a staple of their shows ever since.  Nothing deep here, just lots of innuendo and the usual fun-to-sing-like-Mick-Jagger vocals.


The video is really quite a piece of work.  We see Mick doing some sort of warm-up exercises in the beginning.  He’s clearly dressed for the gym, but his bandmates are all about the rock and roll.  It’s funny to watch clips like this, because Mick is in exactly the same shape now that he was 30, 40, even 50 years ago!  Not an ounce of fat on that motherfucker.


He also seems to be doing sort of an impression of himself with a lot of his over-exaggerated facial expressions and body gestures.  I enjoy that.  And lip-syncing?  Yeah, Mick’s not about it.  He sort of tries to keep up with his own voice, but sometimes he seems to say fuck off to the whole idea. 


And, and we get to see who really invented twerking!  Mick shakes his moneymaker in a most appealing way several times.  Dig it.


This is a brilliant get-yourself-pumped song, like if you’re getting ready to go out for the night, play a sport, or start some new thing in your life.  Mick and the boys know how to get you motivated.  So don’t fuck it up!

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