“Drama”, Kim Cooper and Peter Rauhofer

Essential listening for anyone interested in gay 90s club culture!

Essential listening for anyone interested in gay 90s club culture!

I listened to the Best of Club 69 so much back in the day that even the gays were annoyed with me!  I was working in a local gift shop in 2004, and the guy who was in charge of ordering our CDs was a former DJ.  He knew everything about club music, and as much time I spent in gay bars for all those years all I really knew about it was that you could grind on strangers to it when you were wasted.  And that’s what I did!


I don’t remember any of these songs being played in the bars I frequented, but I was always fucked up and messing around with strippers, so who the hell knows what the DJ was spinning?  But when I was at work I loved to play this CD.  I figured that since I worked with a bunch of gays they’d love it as well, but they were over it by the third time in a row I played it.  I was given a copy to keep, and I have cherished it for the past decade. 

All the songs are fabulous, dragulous masterpieces!  I had a few favorites, “Drama” and “I Look Good” being at the top of my list.  Those are the songs that best capture my moment in gay history, when I was as scandalous as any of the boys and we ruled every bar we entered.  We were everything in those clubs, and it was the most exciting time of our lives. 


But, those time are over, and I’m not sorry about that.  “Drama” really was the name of the game for me.  I was always bored with my life, so all this drama was fascinating to me.


My life

Is a drama

With a beginning

A middle

And no end


Most of it was self-created, of course, as that type of drama usually is.  It’s not that I had drama in the bars—no, the bars were strictly for fun.  My drama was outside the bar, in my everyday life, where I was usually consumed with passion for one boy or another who didn’t have the passion for me that I had for him.  This passion, however, never got in the way of the fun I sought each and every time I stepped into the club.  It was like Studio 54 for us, and we were all stars.


I live it

I act it

I suffer

and enjoy

A typical night out with the gays in 2003!

A typical night out with the gays in 2003!

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