“Spill the Wine”, Eric Burdon & War

Eric Burdon & War Spill the Wine

This is an exceedingly chill song.  It’s really exciting in its simplicity, but deeply passionate by way of Eric Burdon’s electrifying vocals, talking or singing.  It’s great fun to sing along to, but just as much fun to play in the background while you’re otherwise occupied with whatever you’re into spilling.


The lady speaking Spanish in the background is super sexy.  The flutes are just right.  The scene is exactly where we’d all like to be right now and in any other situation we’d like to escape, especially if it’s the middle of a fucked up winter day when we’re stuck in traffic.


It’s an epic song, one that seems to go on forever.  You can’t imagine listening to anything else from now on.  You want to live inside it. 

And let me also say that Eric Burdon is one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.  Everything he sings gives me chills.  So much passion, so much soul, so incredible.  He could fucking sing the phone book and it would give me that special feeling in my lady bits.


Dig this song.  Spill that wine.  Get you some, even if it’s just in a dream. 

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