“Dust My Broom”, Elmore James

Elmore James

I discovered my love for the blues when I was in junior high school.  I knew that rock and roll’s roots were partially in the blues, but I didn’t have any way to listen to the blues until I found a radio show called Blues with Fitz on a local station.  This guy Fitz really knew his shit.  I heard Koko Taylor, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and, of course, Elmore James.  Elmore James was a name I knew because of The Blues Brothers, so I knew I had to get to know him better.


“Dust My Broom” is a Robert Johnson song, but many consider Elmore James’ 1951 version the definitive recording.  A million other great artists have covered this blues standard, but I think it’s Elmore’s that I love the best.  It reminds me of why I love the blues so passionately—the power in his voice, that sexy slide guitar playing one of the most recognizable riffs in music history, the way you can’t stop yourself from bobbing your head and tapping your feet.  It’s a brilliant piece of American music.


Listen to it as many times as possible.  If you don’t love the blues after hearing this fucking song, there’s something not right about you.


Get your shit together and feel the blues.



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