“Bonehead’s Bank Holiday”, Oasis

Oasis 2

I’d never heard this song until I got the deluxe remastered (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?  It was originally released only on the vinyl version of the original 1995 album (read my most popular blog about it right here), but it’s so much fun that it would have been awesome to have it to listen to for the past two decades.


Noel said that “Bonehead’s Bank Holiday” was intended to be guitarist Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs’ Ringo moment. 


You know how The Beatles used to get Ringo to sing the odd tune here and there?

Well, he’s our Ringo, isn’t he?  And he’s ugly as sin, completely untalented

and the unluckiest man in rock so we thought we’d write him a song, you

know what I mean?


But Bonehead was allegedly so nervous about singing that he and Liam went to the pub and got shit-faced before recording, so the lead vocals are performed by Noel instead.


It’s a whimsical little tune with lots of Beach Boys-style chatter and singing after the song.  I love the lyrics because they just float around.  They don’t have to mean anything beyond describing a quick holiday in Spain that makes the narrator wish he’d stayed in England with his polluted beach.


You know I need a little break
To get away for a holiday
So I can see the sun
Cos in the sun they say it’s fun
If you can get some
Well I could take a train or a boat or an aeroplane
Or I could steal a car
Cos in a car you can go far
Just depends on what kind of car you are 


You can feel this, right?  You just want to get the fuck outta Dodge for a bit, clear your head, do whatever.  I think there’s a lovely word picture being painted here.  And it’s great fun to sing the la la la la la la la la la la la la part. 


Listen to this song and let your thoughts drift away to wherever you would rather be.

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