Come Back to Us, Missy Elliott!

Missy Elliott

I have to admit that I hadn’t thought about Missy Elliott in quite a while until I heard she was performing at the Super Bowl.  And when I heard the intro to “Get Ur Freak On” that night, it was a very exciting moment!

Missy Elliott Super Bowl

There are random lines from her songs that I say to myself sometimes:


I’m not a prostitute

But I can give ya what ya want!




If you a fly girl

Get your nails done

Get a pedicure

Get your hurr did


And of course:


Ba bomp ba bomp bomp


I think “One Minute Man” was the song that got me interested in her.  I only have one of her albums, 2003’s This Is Not a Test!, but when I look through her discography these days I realize how much I have been denying myself some great shit.  

What appeals to me about Missy is that she was never afraid to be strange.  Sometimes she looks like an alien in her videos, but it’s really fucking cool!  And who the hell else could rock a motherfuckin’ garbage bag?

She really did make the best videos.  I can’t even explain how fucking insanely brilliant they are! 

Missy was sexy without showing all her business—she might talk about her lady business (“Phone before you come/I need to shave my cha cha”) but she didn’t have to expose it.  Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like a ho, but Missy wasn’t about that.  Supremely confident and full of all the swag any man could bring, she was the best in the game. 

I know she’s been out of the spotlight for a long time because her illness has made it difficult to write.  But damn, gurl!  That Super Bowl performance—and the huge spike in your music sales—has shown that you can still bring it!  Werk! 

Come back to us, Missy Elliott.  We need you now more than ever.  Show these wannabes how it’s done!






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