“Days Go By”, Dirty Vegas

Days Go By

This is not a song that really has a personal connection to a specific part of my history, but I have always liked it.  The few lyrics there are resonate with me now, and they always should have.


You are still a whisper on my lips

A feeling at my fingertips

That’s pulling at my skin


You leave me when I’m at my worst

Feeling as if I’ve been cursed

Bitter cold within


Days go by and still I think of you

Days when I couldn’t live my life without you…

It’s quite poetic.  There are people who stay with us forever, even if we’re with somebody else.  Sometimes we cannot ever move on completely, so we write thousands of words about them, we replay everything in our minds over and over to try to figure it out.  Sometimes I don’t think it’s necessarily a question of being strong enough to let go.  Maybe there really can’t be anyone else. 


Isn’t your one true love the one who ruins you for all others?

2 thoughts on ““Days Go By”, Dirty Vegas

  1. I always loved this song, too. And this question: “Isn’t your one true love the one who ruins you for all others?” is so true. I guess I am lucky – my one true love and I managed to find one another… So am I ruined for all others? I suppose. 😀


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