“Virtual Insanity”, Jamiroquai


This is a beautiful song that makes me feel free and happy.  I never paid much attention to the actual lyrics, but the music and Jay Kay’s smooth voice always gave me such a peaceful sensation.  I love that it was not of its time in so many ways, although that music video was simply amazing!  But this is one song from the 90s that can stand up on its own.   


I can hear the inspiration Amy Winehouse and Justin Timberlake likely took from this cut.  Soulful and jazzy and funky, giving you every reason to dance or to relax and smile, I wish more music sounded like this.  It’s perfect for a chill night at home with your boo, or if you just want to have a day to yourself to do only what makes you happy.  It’s a great soundtrack for all the blissful moments life has to offer.



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