Love Letter to Noel Gallagher

Noel sunglasses

Dear Noel:


I love you so very much.


You have been very important to me for the past twenty years.  Only a few contemporary artists hold that distinction.  The people I have loved since I was a child—Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Beatles, et al—are the foundation of my love of music, and though their influence on me has lasted a lifetime the inspiration you have provided for half that time is equally significant. 

When I first saw Oasis in 1995 I was completely shocked.  It had been years since anyone in the Top 40 impressed me like that.  The “Wonderwall” video was not only visually stunning, but the song itself a masterpiece, unlike anything I had heard before and certainly distinguishable from what was popular at the time.  I was instantly in love with your band.  From then on, everything in my life revolved around listening to and reading about Oasis.  I bought British music magazines every week for even a scrap of information.  I was excited to have such great new music to obsess over.


My first opportunity to see you perform live did not come until the fall of 2000, and then I saw you again the following spring.  Even though there was trouble between you and Liam—an extra serving of trouble, as we know—it was still an amazing thrill to be in your presence.  And it’s all because of your extraordinary songs.


You are absolutely one of the best songwriters of your generation, and the older I get the more I understand and appreciate that.  When I was younger I was attracted to your music because it made me feel at home, it uplifted me, it gave me a sense of purpose.  With two decades of your music behind me I can now fully recognize and value the artistry of it.  I think maybe I’m less selfish about it, now that I can see you as a real musician and not just a rock star I worship. 


A few months ago I wrote about “It’s Better People” (you can read that blog here), a song I did not discover until the (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? deluxe remixed edition came out.  Holy shit, did that change my life!  I wrote that it made me want to sing it with you—I am by no means a singer, but something about it makes me want to have that connection with you that can come only from singing.  I have been listening to it a lot over the past few days and thinking about your upcoming tour, fantasizing every day as I sing it in my car that you call me up to the stage so we can tear that shit up together!  I also imagine that I am doing a spot-on Liam impression as we duet on “Acquiesce,” and you can barely sing from laughing so hard.  I’m totally down for all that, just so you know.

There are very few artists these days who can simply sit down at a mic with an acoustic guitar and maybe one or two other guys on stage and hold an audience’s attention the way you can.  Almost nobody has the balls to do it because they know they don’t have the talent.  Your voice is powerful and sweet and unforgettable.  Anyone would be afraid to get near you.  Fuck Auto-Tune and Pro Tools and 800 sequin-clad backup dancers—gimme a singer who writes his own music any day! 

One of the things I love about you on a personal level is that you have grown up.  You still like to have a drink, but you aren’t the party boy you were in the 90s because you realized that your music was more important to you than that shit.  I get it.  I was a club girl at the time as well, and that lasted into my early 30s when I finally just got tired of it.  You’re a family man now, you write your music and record albums that you like, and are always grateful when fans come out to see you play.  You don’t live in the past, and that’s a great lesson for everyone.

Noel quotea bout Liam

Of course, I also love your wit and inability to say anything other than exactly what the fuck you want to say.  There’s nothing manufactured or label-approved about you, and I dig that shit.  You are exactly who you want to be, and you don’t take any shit.


I’m happy that you’re doing well, my dear Noel.  Please know that I love you and all that you have given me over the past two decades.  I respect your work and your integrity, and cannot wait to see what comes next for you.  Whatever you do, I know you’ll mean it.  I appreciate that.



Superfan What I Like Is Sounds

Noel acoustic guitar B&W

4 thoughts on “Love Letter to Noel Gallagher

  1. Great writing. I’m a huge Oasis fan, I feel like they were one of the last true rock ‘n’ roll bands, both in form and in spirit. “There’s nothing manufactured or label-approved about you” – that’s exactly how I feel about the band’s work and attitude.

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    • Thanks so much! I appreciate your kind words, and am glad you discovered my blog. It’s always nice to know that there are other people out there who truly love Oasis and all that they represented. It’s not just that they were the biggest band in the world as far as sales, but their sound and their attitude were really significant not only for the times out of which they grew but for those of us for whom music and that connection to the artists has always been important and necessary. Music saves lives.

      And I look forward to reading your work in the future.

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