Eve featuring Gwen Stefani, “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”


Eve is one bad bitch. 


My ex-BFF used to say she scared him, but still he loved her!  He joked that he wanted to get his dog’s paw prints tattooed on him.  Years after the song was popular, he and I would play it on the jukebox at the bar we went to on Sunday afternoons.  It always brought the crowd to life.

Eve and Gwen

This is the first Eve song I heard, and I probably gave it a listen because of my undying love for Gwen Stefani.  They are super hot in the video, and I love that Gwen is rocking the thong-strings-and-low-cut-jeans look.  Eve, in all her sexiness, looks like she is considering either fucking you or cutting you—maybe both.


“Let Me Blow Ya Mind” holds up exceptionally well more than a decade later.  I am by no means an expert on hip hop and rap, and though this song has some of the elements contemporary artists use—calling out other rappers, boasting about their rhyming skills—it’s a lot more interesting than most of what’s out there today. 


More Eve, please.      

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