“Let Me Clear My Throat”, DJ Kool

DJ Kool again

I’ve done too much thinking this week, so it’s time to turn off the brain and just exist.  DJ Kool is the way to do it tonight.  I can get my groove on all by myself and feel no shame.  And then I’ll fall asleep on the couch.  When I say “take,” you say “a nap!”


“Let Me Clear My Throat” is on my workout mix, but I was not paying attention to it in 1996.  I was fully invested in my Oasis fixation as well as my new fascination with punk.  Hip hop was never my thing, but when I hear this song now it sounds so simple and fun, and I sort of wish I had given it more of my time.  It’s a masterpiece.  I especially dig the Elvis reference. 


The video was not on my radar at all in the 90s.  MTV was no longer my favorite channel—that changed to CNN in high school—so I didn’t really notice stuff unless it was Oasis.  Looking at it now, it’s such a 90s cliché!  And what the hell is with those clowns?  That one chick is freakin’ all over Bozo.  The 90s were fucked up.   

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