Too Much Too Soon, New York Dolls

I have had a very busy week, so instead of writing something half-assed I am reposting one of my most popular blogs. It is also one of my favorites. Enjoy!

What I Like Is Sounds

Too Much Too Soon is one of the first proto-punk albums I played incessantly.  It has a somewhat different attitude than what punk ultimately became once it was recognized by the mainstream.  The Dolls were rebellious, of course.  Dressing in women’s clothing and prancing around onstage without a hint of self-consciousness though all were straight?  Check.  Bringing a nasty New York City sensibility along with a nod to the fun girl groups of the 60s?  Check.  They were apolitical, more along the lines of the Ramones, though with a nicer shoe collection.  The Sex Pistols and The Clash, among others, took the role of provocateur in the political realm.  The Dolls were just fucked up rock and roll fun.


Sylvain Sylvain, the Dolls’ guitarist, was asked upon the occasion of former Dolls and Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren’s death in 2010 why McLaren was so fond of the Dolls.



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