“Get Back”, The Beatles

Here’s one of my favorite blogs. This was so much fun to write that I’d like to write it again every day! Enjoy.

What I Like Is Sounds

The Beatles Get Back session

Most of the records I listened to when I was a kid were my Mom’s old 45s from the 50s and 60s.  I had a few albums, but most of the music I heard came from the singles that were more important in the early days of rock and roll.  Chuck Berry, Elvis, Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers, and Jerry Lee Lewis relied on DJs spinning their songs on the radio and kids plugging dozens of coins into the jukebox at their local soda shop to hear their crazy beats.  Albums didn’t really become super important until the mid-60s, and The Beatles were one of the bands to make that happen.


I have always loved The Beatles.  In elementary school I mostly heard their early singles: “Love Me Do,” “Help!” and “Paperback Writer” were among my favorites.  I’m not sure when I first heard “Get Back,” but I recognized…

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