Live at Leeds, The Who

This is my favorite live album of all time!

What I Like Is Sounds

Live at Leeds has one of the coolest album covers and inserts of all time! Live at Leeds has some of the coolest album packaging of all time!

What I really want to get across here is how much I love this album.  It is absolutely the greatest live album in the history of recorded music!  I grew up listening to my mom’s original copy that had the faux bootleg cover and all the extra papers in it, including: the typed lyrics to “My Generation;” their contract to perform at Woodstock; a delivery note to confirm their order of smoke generators from Brock’s Crystal Palace Fireworks Ltd. in 1967; a county court notice warning that they need to return a guitar case and piano bass due to an outstanding balance; a letter informing the band that a gig in Swindon in 1965 has been cancelled because the concert promoter “has had a lot of trouble there recently and feels that THE WHO are not the…

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