“Love Shack”, The B-52s

Happy New Year! Here’s a reblog from 2015. Enjoy.

What I Like Is Sounds

Love Shack

This is another one of those songs that came out when I was in high school that gave me a tiny bit of hope that good music was not dead and gone.  I didn’t know anything about The B-52s before I heard “Love Shack.”  But the song, the funky video, and the band’s retro look were super cool.  These days I put it in the same category as Deee-Lite’s “Groove is in the Heart” (read my groovy blog about it here), since they both gave me a good dose of old school fun with amazingly catchy lyrics.

Ru! Ru!

When I look at the “Love Shack” video now, I am impressed by what a Benetton ad it is.  Every race is represented, and there are drag queens (RuPaul!) and gays, too!  It’s not like they showed two guys making out or ladies holding hands, and I’m sure that many people…

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