My First Foo

Here’s one of my favorite posts! Enjoy.

What I Like Is Sounds

Foo Indianapolis

15 years ago, I was still in the first year of my Dave Grohl obsession.  (You can read about the evolution of my love for him here.)  The third Foo Fighters album, There is Nothing Left to Lose, was less than a year old and was my favorite album.  It was the first Foo I bought (you can read about that here), and it quickly turned me into a superfan. 

When I found out they were coming to a town near me on their latest tour, I immediately bought tickets.  None of my friends were really into Foo, but one of my sisters had a few friends who were, so we all went together.  The essay below is a long excerpt of a letter I wrote to my best friend at the time about that very first Foo Fighters concert.  They were touring with the Red Hot…

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