Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, AC/DC

One of AC/DC’s greatest albums! Enjoy.

What I Like Is Sounds

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

This is another one of those albums that makes it obvious why teenage boys like a particular band, and I mean that as a compliment!  The killer opening title track brings the rock right away, and each song flows perfectly into the next, paying tribute to all the things boys like: feeling girls up, talking about their balls, and kick-ass rock and roll.  AC/DC always know exactly what their people want.


Back in Black has always been my favorite AC/DC album, but as I listened to Dirty Deeds on repeat over the past few days I discovered how different the band sounded with Bon Scott.  I don’t mean that they were better or worse, but Bon’s voice is so different from Brian Johnson’s, so much more cheeky and versatile.  And I love me some Brian Johnson—he’s got a classic rock and roll voice, very powerful and sexy.  But there’s…

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