Rock Hall or “Rock” Hall?

In honor of last night’s Rock Hall inductions, here’s a reblog!

What I Like Is Sounds

Sinatra quote

What is rock and roll?  This is the question we ask every year when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum announces the nominees for its next induction ceremony.  Why are there rappers and country stars and jazz performers in the Rock Hall?  Why disco?  Why pop?  I think these are ridiculous questions, but I do understand why they are asked.

Rock and roll is many things.  Some people feel that if there are no guitars and drums that it shouldn’t be called rock.  The roots of this music are firmly planted in rhythm and blues, with a hefty helping of country on the side.  But there are jazz elements, too.  The Moon Dog Coronation Ball, widely considered the first rock concert, was referred to as a hot-jazz show in a Cleveland newspaper in 1952.  And let’s not forget that Charlie Watts learned to play drums by…

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