“Round and Round”, Ratt

A great song from the 80s! Enjoy this reblog.

What I Like Is Sounds

Ratt Round and Round

Heavy metal was never my thing in the 80s, but for some reason I put Ratt in a different category than Mötley Crüe.  Listening to this song at age 42 I realize how ridiculous that is.  I can enjoy all that hair metal now, maybe because I just see it for what it is instead of living in the moment with it where I thought it was stupid.  Heavy metal kids were very different from other music fans, but there weren’t any sixth graders with Aqua Net hair and Spandex pants—at least, not in my school!


I did, however, have spiked hair and a studded wrist band.  I looked different from the kids I went to school with, and I liked it that way.  But I didn’t fit any sort of subcultural stereotype, really.  My first love was rock and roll—Chuck Berry was my main jam at age five! …

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