Purple Rain, Prince

This was one of the most fun blogs I have written! It originally had clips of Prince videos, but he had pretty much all traces of his videos removed from the internet over the past few years. Those of us who grew up with him will remember the details as I’ve described them. Those who didn’t grow up with him should wish they did. They’ll never understand. #RIPPrince

What I Like Is Sounds

My original scratched and static-filled “Purple Rain” LP

The first thing I think of when Prince comes to mind is asking my 6th grade music teacher if we could sing “Darling Nikki” in class.  She was taking suggestions for contemporary pop songs to include in an upcoming concert, and that was my only idea.  Her response?  “If I can find the sheet music, maybe.”  My classmates giggled.  Our teacher may or may not have known who Prince was—it was 1984 and err’body had to know him!—but she clearly did not know what “Darling Nikki” was! 


I knew a girl named Nikki

I guess you could say she was a sex fiend

I met her in a hotel lobby

masturbating with a magazine


That would have perked up the ears of all the bored, white suburban parents in the audience!


Of course, a lot of what appealed…

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