“Celebration”, Kool & the Gang

This week Cleveland has been all about celebrating the Cavs being the NBA champs! I have been playing this song nonstop. Enjoy.

What I Like Is Sounds


“Celebration” is one of those songs that everyone you know loves to sing along with. I don’t think that I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like it. Nobody can resist dancing around when they hear it. It’s the perfect song for every happy occasion. And it’s another anthem of the totally awesome 1980s skating party scene.

I never had this record back in the day, but my cousins in Detroit did. My middle sister and I were terribly jealous, because Angie and Tonya could listen to it whenever they wanted! This was in the early 80s when we couldn’t just tap a magic button on a stupidly expensive piece of electronic equipment and hear every song ever recorded. We had to either have the vinyl record, wait for it to be played on the radio, or see it on MTV. Whenever we visited our cousins we hoped they would play…

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