Foo Fighters, Foo Fighters

21 years ago, Dave Grohl released this first post-Nirvana masterpiece. Enjoy!

What I Like Is Sounds

Foo Fighters

I did not hear this album until it was five years old and I was 27.  I had been into for about seven months, had listened to There is Nothing Left to Lose—the first Foo I bought—a million times, had a fully-developed Dave Grohl fixation, and was determined to hear everything he ever recorded.  I hesitated for a while to buy the first two Foo albums since I didn’t really know any of their other songs and wasn’t sure I would like them.  But I finally couldn’t stand not knowing what Foo had preceded There is Nothing Left to Lose.  From the second I heard the first notes of “This is a Call” I knew I would love everything Dave did!  That is my favorite song on the album—it is so cool, so unexpected.  There is Nothing Left to Lose was really all I knew of…

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