“Rock and Roll”, Led Zeppelin

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What I Like Is Sounds

Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll

I love rock and roll!  Any song that directly references it speaks to me.  Starting with Chuck Berry’s “Rock & Roll Music,” I have always been obsessed with rock songs about rock stars’ love of rock and roll.

Chuck Berry and Led Zeppelin and The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty and the Ramones and AC/DC and Joan Jett and Oasis and The Velvet Underground and Billy Joel and Bob Seger and Kiss and Ian Dury & the Blockheads and David Bowie all recorded songs with rock and roll in the title.  Rock and roll saved their lives, it inspired them, it made them who they are.  I understand that feeling.

British bands in particular seemed to have had an affinity for the early years of rock and roll and the music’s black roots.  Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones were both blues-based bands, and you could hear…

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2 thoughts on ““Rock and Roll”, Led Zeppelin

  1. You’d have to be dead not to love this song. And even then. I recently did a post called “One Song/Three Versions” about this very tune. If interested, check out that category on my site.

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