Stiff Upper Lip, AC/DC

Hell. Yes. I saw AC/DC this week, and they rocked my ass off! This was a fun blog to write, and I enjoyed reading it again. Spread the word that rock and roll is being well taken care of by Angus and crew!

What I Like Is Sounds

Stiff Upper Lip

When I think about the AC/DC sound, I think about pure rock and roll.  Their Brian Johnson years have, in a way, a heavier sound than the Bon Scott years, but AC/DC has always been about kicking ass and making you beg for more.  They are consistent and loud and genuine.  Some bands evolve their sound, they’ll do radio-friendly ballads, or they might follow trends or add pop singers or rappers to bring in a new audience.  I am a fan of many artists who have done such things, but AC/DC doesn’t fuck around with all that.  They are who the fuck they are, and they will never change.

And I know that some critics look at that as a negative thing, like it means they aren’t real musicians because they keep putting out the same style of rock and roll album after album.  Fuck that.  These guys know what…

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