Nevermind, Nirvana

In honor of the 25th anniversary of its release, here are my thoughts on “Nevermind” and its role in my life.

What I Like Is Sounds

When I am deciding which album to write about next, I usually pick something based on my mood.  All the albums I have written about so far have a lot of meaning to me.  Since I own such a large quantity of music (1,000 CDs, hundreds of cassettes, at least 500 record albums and singles) it is impossible for every single recording to have special meaning to me that evokes a certain emotion.  There is a reason I chose to own each piece of music, of course, but there are some that I may have only played once or twice.  Everything that I consider a soundtrack to my life (and that number is pretty high, actually) makes me feel something when I hear it.  The first chord of the first song instantly transports me back to when it was initially important to me.  And sometimes that makes me feel sad. …

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One thought on “Nevermind, Nirvana

  1. Nirvana nevermind was a path breaking alternative rock album of 90s.Its gave the world rock music most reckless frontman ever Kurt cobain.The album will always one of most important albums in rock music history.And Nirvana will remain one of most famous rock acts of 90s.


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