“Paperback Writer”, The Beatles

Here’s a pretty good blog I wrote a few years ago. Enjoy!

What I Like Is Sounds

Paperback Writer sleeve

I have always written, therefore, I have always been a writer.  Right?   For as long as I can remember I have been calling myself a writer.  I have written many things since I first picked up a pencil and applied it to a blank sheet of paper: notes to friends, diary entries, song lyrics, poems, short stories, school papers, novels, essays.  I have pretty much written it all.  Where did this desire to express myself through words on a page come from?


If I am going to attribute my lifelong love of writing to pop culture, I can point to three things:

  • Natalie on The Facts of Life always talked about writing The Great American Novel
  • Patty on Square Pegs was wise beyond her years (as was I) and wrote for the school newspaper
  • The Beatles’ “Paperback Writer” made the idea of being a writer sound fascinating


Sarah Jessica Parker as Patty Greene on the short-lived yet brilliant early 80s TV series "Square Pegs". Sarah…

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