The Return of Bruno, Bruce Willis

This was great fun to write several years ago. Enjoy!

What I Like Is Sounds

Bruce Willis album

Bruce Willis was my future ex-husband when I was in 8th grade.  My sister and I watched Moonlighting religiously, and my best friend Vilma and I used to dissect it in school every Wednesday after a new episode aired.  Oh, how Vilma and I would create these intricate fantasies about my relationship with Bruce!  We’d write notes back and forth in Mr. McConnell’s math class, analyzing how hot he looked on the show the night before.  David Addison was a lovable bad boy, and I was all about that in 8th grade.  He was hilarious and talented and sexy.  I didn’t need anything else!

And he quickly became a huge star, so naturally, he decided to record an album on Motown.  Don Johnson had released an album the year before, and Jack Wagner had been recording music for a few years himself.  So why shouldn’t every male TV…

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