“Song 2”, Blur

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What I Like Is Sounds

Song 2

As a die-hard Oasis fan, it was never easy for me to admit how much I loved “Song 2.”  I do not understand band rivalries, but in the Oasis-Blur feud of the 1990s I was obviously and enthusiastically Team Oasis.  So fuck Blur.

Oasis vs Blur

But this song!  It’s the only Blur song I can name.  From what I understand, it’s not typical of much of their music, and it supposedly was meant to be a sort of parody of grunge.  It’s a pretty good one, if that is the case, from the raunchy sounds to the screaming lyrics to the spare video that is somewhat reminiscent of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” 

“Song 2” stands up extraordinarily well after nearly two decades.  It’s angry and confused and ends too soon, just like so many of us.

Well, I feel heavy metal

Woo hoo

And I’m pins and I’m needles

Woo hoo


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