Something about Foo…

Happy 48th birthday to the incomparable Dave Grohl!

What I Like Is Sounds


(This essay borrows heavily from a longer piece written in the year 2000.  I updated it a bit, and though I do explore my thoughts on creativity its main focus is the genesis of my Dave Grohl fixation, a topic my readers have learned much about over the course of this blog.  Enjoy.)


Part of what inspires me is studying creative people.  I am quite obsessed with Foo Fighters, so I have developed a taste for all things Dave Grohl.  My Nirvana fixation came after I had devoted myself, heart and soul, to Dave.  I always hated Nirvana.  I mean, I really hated them with a red-hot burning passion.  I despised that they were supposed to be the spokespeople for my generation, at least, that’s what the media told us they were.  I never could understand why that was.  I was not from Seattle, I did not wear flannel…

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