“When I’m 64”, The Beatles

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What I Like Is Sounds

When I'm 64

I feel like this song is a natural progression from “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”  The guy is talking to his girlfriend about growing old together, hoping she’ll still love him even when he’s old and gray. 


Don’t we all wonder about that at some point in a relationship?  We can be head over heels for somebody, and even if they feel the same way, who doesn’t think about what will happen years down the road? 


When I get older,

Losing my hair,

Many years from now


Will you still be sending me a Valentine?

Birthday greetings?

Bottle of wine?


Maybe young people don’t think about this shit too much.  If you’re serious about somebody, you should be looking beyond the present moment.  It’s an awkward conversation to have, you know, the where-is-this-going talk.  So a song like this can come in handy when you…

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