My Day with Keith

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What I Like Is Sounds

 Keith Richards

Somebody recently asked me this question: If you could spend a day with any celebrity from any period of history, not including Dave Grohl, who would it be? 

I thought for a while, because obviously Dave would be my first choice.  There are so many people I admire and would love to talk to, but I couldn’t figure out who would be the one I’d most like to hang out with.


My answer was Keith Richards.  Yeah, definitely Keith.  We would have the best conversations about our love of music, because, like Dave Grohl, Keith is a music fan above anything else.  We have the same influences, Chuck Berry being the main one.  He seems like a super chill guy to spend the day with.


Why didn’t I say Paul McCartney?  I mean, as legendary as the Stones are, The Beatles paved the way.  Why not hang…

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