“Bicycle Race”, Queen

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What I Like Is Sounds

Queen Bicycle Race II

It’s just a really fun song to sing!  First, it’s always fun to sing like Freddie Mercury.  Second, it’s just a great little tune about riding your bike.  When I was thinking about what to say about it, my first thought was about how simple and sweet it is.  The narrator just wants to ride his bicycle, not concern himself with Vietnam, Watergate, or even Jaws!  He seems to be longing for the uncomplicated and undemanding days of childhood.  So yes, the topic of this song is very simple.  But then I considered the song’s structure, both musical and vocal, and realized that it’s a typical Queen song that defies expectation and conventional rock and roll sounds.  And of course, this is why we love Queen so very much.  They did whatever they wanted to do, aiming to please only themselves and just having a grand old time with…

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