Paranoid, Black Sabbath

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What I Like Is Sounds

I was not into heavy metal much as a kid, at least, not the darker stuff like Black Sabbath.  They were so different from the more mainstream metal I liked (Def Leppard, Van Halen, Twisted Sister), a lot scarier, and nobody at my school ever mentioned them.  They were not played on the radio station I listened to, WGCL, but WMMS, which was at that time famous all over the country, played them.  WMMS played a bunch of shit I did not know much about.  I was never interested in devil worship or a bunch of bullshit props and gimmicks onstage or anything like that, and that’s what I knew about bands like Black Sabbath.


I’m not sure what made me buy the first couple Black Sabbath albums when I was in my twenties.  I was expanding my music interests in large part thanks to the PBS rock &…

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One thought on “Paranoid, Black Sabbath

  1. I first heard this album when i was 5 sitting on the floor of sister’s room doing my grade 1 homework page while she did her school work and played this along with The Doors 13 album, both of which Is till have her copies she left when she moved out. Holding them still invokes that rite of passage that was bestowed upon me and my fragile brain of 5.

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