“409”, The Beach Boys

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What I Like Is Sounds

Beach Boys 409

This is still my favorite Beach Boys song.  When I started playing this record I was probably 6 or 7 years old, and I had no idea what 409 meant.  Honestly, I still have no idea.  I know nothing about cars or surfing, but the Beach Boys’ music has always been in my top 10.


All Beach Boys songs are about one or more of the following: cars, girls, surfing.  It’s really fun, catchy music, and everyone can relate to it regardless of how close you are to cars, girls, or the beach.  A couple years ago I bought a few Beach Boys compilations on CD, and I played nothing else in my car for weeks.  Even when I was a kid I could hear the Chuck Berry, Danny and the Juniors, and other early rock and rollers in the Beach Boys’ music, but listening to hours of it…

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