Back to Black, Amy Winehouse

As we think about Amy today, here’s a piece I wrote in 2012.

What I Like Is Sounds

2007 was the Year of Crazy Bitchez: Britney cut off her hair; Lindsay got busted for DUI (twice) and drugs and went to rehab a few times; Amy Winehouse was on the cover of Rolling Stone and making headlines for out-of-control fuckery; and I was right there with them, getting drunk every Friday and Saturday nights and all days Sunday with the gays, and drinking myself stupid at home alone the nights I wasn’t out.  I never did drugs, never got busted, never shaved my head, but I was having an equally hot mess of a year. Amy Rolling Stone

That was the year I bought Amy’s superb second album, Back to Black.  “Rehab” was the song, of course, that everyone loved the most, and we would play it on the jukebox on Sundays at Club Argos.  The whole bar full of hot gay men and little old me would sing…

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