There is Nothing Left to Lose, Foo Fighters

Enjoy this reblog about Foo Fighters!

What I Like Is Sounds

This is the first Foo I ever bought.  It is their third album.  I paid little attention to them before I saw the “Learn to Fly” video.  Wow.  Dave was cute!  I was drawn in by his adorable face, his sense of humor as he played multiple roles in the video, and, oh yeah—the song was pretty good, too! 

Everything here is amazing.  It was a great introduction to Foo.  I kind of knew who they were before this album, but didn’t really care.  There is Nothing Left to Lose has everything a Foo album should have: loud rock and roll, soft and mellow, tunes, funny lyrics.  What more can a music fan want?

I was sucked into the Foo vortex by “Learn to Fly.”  But “Stacked Actors,” the opening track, fucks your shit up and makes you grateful for it!  And let me tell you, watching them perform this song…

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