“I Love Rock N’ Roll”, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts


What I Like Is Sounds

Joan Jett

This exceptional piece of badassery from 1981 was a skating party favorite.  It was also one of the first videos that made an impression on me.  I so badly wanted to be as cool as Joan Jett!  Black hair, tons of eyeliner, tight leather, and all that attitude?  Where do I sign up for that? 


We loved to clap and sing along with “I Love Rock N’ Roll” as we rolled around the skating rink.  Our hair was feathered, our jeans were Jordache (well, not mine, because my parents would never pay for designer jeans), and our elementary school hearts were dedicated to rock and roll.  This is a great rock song about rock music and what that music celebrates. 

Joan Jett didn’t write this song, which I just found out as I did a little research.  The British band Arrows wrote and recorded it in 1975 as a…

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