“Take It All”, Adele

What I Like Is Sounds


Oh, Adele.  How do you write these songs that so perfectly describe what I am feeling?  Sigh. 


I knew I wanted to write about something sad tonight, because I feel unbearably sad at the moment.  Adele was my first choice, obviously.  I admire her ability to write about such painful experiences and make them so relatable.  You really cannot help but cry when you hear her songs.  “Take It All” is one of the most emotionally draining songs I have ever heard, and it is the one that describes my current state of mind–and heart–the best.


Didn’t I give it all

Tried my best

Gave you everything I had

Everything and no less?

Didn’t I do it right?

Did I let you down?


Most people have had their heart broken.  Adele is the patron saint of breakup songs, so listening to her music helps us wallow in…

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